The Puppet Museum
Wish Tower, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England


Good museums are no longer dry dusty places but vital,exciting, living centres of inspiration, wonder, stimulation and entertainment for all ages and the Wish Tower Puppet Museum is no exception.

Whether you are seven or seventy-seven our museum has something for you.

The Wish Tower Puppet Museum is a cultural time capsule in which, in the space of an hour, you can pass from mankind's earliest experiments with SHADOW PUPPETS through to the latest ANIMATRONIC wizardry and everything in between including:

Western and non-Western cultures are widely represented by the puppets and their history.


At the Wish Tower Puppet Museum we believe that learning should be a FUN experience.

What better way to investigate other cultures and times than through their puppetry and drama. Folklore, religion, myth and ritual are at the very heart of puppetry. We offer you the chance to explore the universal themes of peoples the world over.


Why not book a school trip with a guided tour, puppet show or workshop?


The workshops that we run have many potential applications - THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT!


Do you remember?

Revisit your childhood memories as you wander through the Wish Tower Puppet Museum.

The Museum is housed in a 19th century Martello Tower (originally built as a defence against the feared Napoleonic invasion) on Eastbourne's seafront.
Entry prices are:

Please telephone 01323 - 417776 or email us to check on opening days and times.

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