HMS Kite

Royal Navy Flat Iron Gunboat "HMS KITE"
Model Scale = 3/8" to 1ft". (1:32)

Length = 54" Beam = 12.1/2".

OOur moulding for HMS Kite is for a 19th. Century Victorian Navy flat iron gunboat. Commonly known as a "Rendel" Flat Iron. One of a class of 22 vessels of the "Ant" class, designed by Devonport Dockyard and built by 'Napiers' during 1870/1, she was commissioned in 1872 and sold out of service in 1920. This very unusual model has been built by one of the UK's top modellers Mr Paul Freshney of the Brentwood MBC. Paul is a regular contributor to "Model Boats" and this model has been covered by a large series of detailed construction articles starting in the March 2001 issue of the magazine. In 2000 the model was entered in the 'Naviga World Championships' in Belgium, here it was deservedly awarded a silver medal, a true testament to Pauls modelling skills.

Our HULL & MATERIALS Pack consists of:- One piece GRP Hull moulded (in white) to top of bulwarks, it has the foredeck, side rubbing strips, all the plating and rivet detail moulded on, very little work is required to get the hull ready for work, our model has been taken off the Paul Freshney master hull plug, we sincerely believe this to be one of the best scale model hulls ever to be offered to model boaters in the UK.

The materials pack contains enough high impact polystyrene sheets (nom: size 660mm x 270mm) in 2mm, 1mm & 0.75mm thicknesses to make all the deck beams, sub-decks, boiler casing etc. plus 3mm x 6mm x 660mm strips to go around the inside of the hull to support the deck.

The drawings are a newly drawn highly detailed two sheet set drawn by David Metcalf specifically for this model, the drawings show all detail necessary to produce the model to medal winning standards.

Also included is a copy off our unique fully illustrated "Construction Manual" full of useful hints & tips on how to make a model from one of our GRP hulls, what glues to use where, what paints to use, also included is a very useful list of other suppliers, a must for the beginner to model boating.

With a displacement of nearly 15lbs (6.8kilo) this makes up into a surprisingly functional and effective regatta model, although a complex and detailed model, when used in conjunction with our comprehensive part fittings kit, and Paul Freshneys excellent series of construction articles from the "Model Boats" magazine she is a model that could be tackled by the more ambitious beginner.

When powered by a pair of '545' type motors the model is highly manoeuvrable when fitted with twin electronic speed controllers, with her wide beam she is a suprisingly stable model and well suited to regatta work.

Included is our unique "CONSTRUCTION MANUAL", this informative illustrated guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to fit out a typical GRP hull and is full of a wealth of useful hints and tips, as well as a list of other suppliers and manufacturers. .

Price: £90.00p. + P & P.

Post & packing to mainland UK + £10.00p,