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Royal Navy WWII Denny Steam Gunboat.

"HMS GREY GOOSE" was built in 1942 and was one of a series of seven "Denny" type steam gunboats, planned as miniature destroyers, their steel hulls with steam turbines were intended to give superior type of all weather motor torpedo and gunboats, however their vulnerability to small calibre gunfire (all those steam pipes!) and their poor acceleration proved embarrassing, the intended programme for more vessels was cut back, only the seven "GREY" boats were built of of a planned 60 boats, they did however prove very useful as high speed stripped down blockade runners going to Sweden to bring back loads of ball-bearings.

At one time commanded by `Sir Peter Scott' (painter & naturalist) "GREY GOOSE" achieved her greatest fame when after the war she was converted by `Vospers' to an experimental gas-turbine powered vessel.

Our large, accurately moulded hull and full size plans make for a really nicely detailed model, ideal for R/C with electric power, however if you are feeling adventurous why not try her with a steam plant, performance with her easily driven hull would be quite fast.


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