Rother class slipway launched Lifeboat.
Model Scale = 1" to 1ft. (1:12)

Length = 41.1/2"o/a. Beam = 12.1/2".
Displacement = Approx 16lbs.

This model is a scale model of the last type of slip-way launched displacement type motor life boats, with twin tunnelled propellers. This model kit makes up into a superb model, suitable for static display as well as a regatta winning model.

This is our companies third full model boat kit, we have spent many careful hours in developing this attractive model into a superb scale subject we are happy with. If you read and build this kit to the instructions and drawings supplied we are confident that you will be delighted with the finished model. If you are a beginner to model boating or an expert, we feel sure that if you decide to have a go at building the model, your model will look as good (if not better) than ours.

The 37ft. Rother class of slip-way launched lifeboat (in fact 37'-6") was a further development of the earlier 37ft Oakley class boat, the Oakleys were introduced into service in the late 1950's to replace the open Liverpool class, (a total of 27 boats were built in the class). The Rother derivative, first entering service in the early 1970's they were a displacement type self-righting lifeboat that had a top speed of 10.5 knots and cruised at 9 knots.

The anomaly in there length at 37ft as opposed to an overall length of 41ft 6ins is because their length was measured 'bp'. (between perpendiculars) a rather old fashioned method of measurement, (normally taken on the standard waterline length) still however extensively used in the marine design field.

Our model is based on archive drawings and contemporary photo's (Sumner) off the Dungeness lifeboat 'RNLB Alice Upjohn' she entered service in 1976. After 16 years service she left to go into the relief fleet in 1992, here she served until sold out of service in 1995.

There was a class total of 14 Rother's built, all to the same basic design, we feel that with some research you could easily base your model on one of these others. We are confident our kit can be altered to suit any of these class of Lifeboat, we are sure you will prove us right.


Below is a list off all 14 lifeboats in the "Rother" class.

O/No. Built. Boat No. Name.Stations.

998   1972 37-27 Osman Gabriel. Port Erin 73-92. Relief 92-93.
999   1973 37-28 Diana White Sennen Cove 73-91. Relief 91-92.
1000 1973 37-29 Mary Gabriel Hoylake 74-90. Rhyl 90-92.
1022 1973 37-30 Harold Salveson Amble 74-86. Relif 86-92. Rhly 92.
1023 1974 37-31 J.Reginald Corah Swanage 75-92.
1024 1974 37-32 The Hampshire Rose Walmer 75-90. Relief 90-92.
1046 1977 37-33 Silver Jubilee (CS No.38) Margate 78-91. Relief 91-93.
1046 1977 37-34 Horace Clarkson. Moelfre 77-87. Relief 87-93
1047 1976 37-35 Alice Upjohn. Dungeness 77-92. Relief 92-95.
1054 1979 37-36 Shoreline Blyth 79-82. Arbroath 82-93.
1063 1982 37-37 Duke of Kent Eastbourne 79-93. Relief 93-94.
1063 1982 37-38 Princess of Wales. Barmouth 82-92. Relief 92-93.
1064 1981 37-39 The Davys Family Shoreham 81-86. Relief 86-94.
1068 1982 37-40 James Cable. Aldeburgh 82-93. Relief 93-94.

Our comprehensive scale kit contains the following parts:

GRP Hull moulding.

One piece, white GRP, twin tunnelled moulded hull with moulded on side fendering, raised bow and stern sections, bilge keel supports and other detailing. This makes starting construction simple and straight-forward, what I always think of as the hardest part is already done!.

GRP Cabin moulding.

One piece, white GRP cabin. Accurately shaped and fits from raised bow deck to raised stern deck. All window and door cutouts clearly marked onto sides for cutting out.

Twin Propeller shafts.

A pair of 'M4' shafts, complete with brass "A" frame bearings and prop retention nuts, shafts plain on inboard end for fitting of coupling (coupling not supplied). A pair of handed 3 blade white metal propellers (42mm.dia.).

3mm plywood.

A sheet of printed plywood with the cabin bulkhead and longitudinal stiffener. Also the rudder servo support box and plate.

Printed Styrene.

Sheets of 0.75mm, 1.5mm and 2mm hard styrene printed sheets with all parts for Cabin interior, decks, bulkheads, window frames etc. Easy to cut out with a sharp craft knife, glues together with ordinary styrene adhesive, takes paint finish with minimum of preparation.

Cast white metal fittings.

Over 460 cast white metal fittings for Anchors, handrails, 'A' frames, binnacle/wheel assembly, lights, hinges, hatch handles, capstan etc, etc.

Handrails Chain.

Fine brass link chain for hand-railing, complete with over links, cast white metal shackles, turnbuckles etc.

Other hardware.

All brass rod (whip aerials, grab rails), wire, tube, nuts & bolts (for fixing 'A' frames, rudder posts etc). Various size dowels (mast, samson posts, binnacle etc). Strip wood and block wood (cabin seat, instruments etc). Vac-formed radar housing. Resin cast bow fender former and pair of resin cast life-belts. Card of various cards (polypropylene grab cord, brown fender thread, white grab lines). Dyed cloth material (and pattern) for drough. Sheet of glazing material, etc, etc.

Lettering and Numbers.

Laser cut self-adhesive lettering for 'Dungeness' boats name, location & number.
(Should you wish to make one of the others in the class we include the name and address of our supplier who will do you a set to suit your chosen subject at a reasonable cost.)

Drawings & Instructions.

This is possibly the most important part of the kit, there are two full-size general arrangement drawings. These show all parts numbered and cross-referenced back to the instructions and parts lists. The drawings are to scale and fully dimensioned where necessary.
The written instructions are easy to follow, full of hint and tips (what glues to use where etc,) all laid out in our suggested construction sequence, further illustrated with many small exploded sketches and two pages of colour photo's of the prototype model. Also included is a fully numbered 'Humbrol' colour scheme to make painting easier.
We feel these instructions make the model clear and straight-forward to build. All drawings and instructions are by David Metcalf.

Help and support.

Being model boat makers of long standing ourselves, we supply a friendly, quick and informed telephone back up service, if you have a worry or query we will sincerely try and help you.

We think that all the above makes for a complete scale kit to make the model to museum standards. When fitted with individual motor controls the on the water performance is very realistic and she looks good.

Price: 325.00p. + P & P.

Post & packing to mainland UK + 10.00p,

N.Ireland, Highland & Islands & Overseas at cost.


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